Avoid the hospital whenever possible.

Especially the ER.

In a true Emergency the ER is your life saver. Anything less, try and find an  alternative.

Urgent cares are a great option.

Avoid hospital labs or imaging.

If your doctor orders a test, ask for a prescription and take it to an independent lab or an imaging center.

Interpath in Astoria is an option for labs.

Vancouver Radiologists in. Vancouver will give you amazing prices.

Have someone drive you.

If possible, avoid an ambulance. By the time they get to you, you can usually be at the hospital. They delay care and are expensive.

Negotiate. Ask for a discount for "Payment at time of service".

Don't be shy about shopping for a better price.

Negotiate with hospitals about charges. You should be able to discount the bill 50% if you ask.

Don 't let the bill go to collections. Once there, there is no negotiating.