Mark Stefanelli MD

My profession has lost its way. 

It no longer exists to serve its patients, but to advance the interests of corporate medicine.

As an alternative, I have decided to try a different model.

I now will be doing phone consults and house calls. To keep costs down, I will have no staff, no office, and no malpractice insurance.

And I will only be accepting cash payment at the time of service.

What I will have is 40 years experience (without a lawsuit or reprimand), and the pledge that my primary interest will be your well-being.

Please scroll down and review my Curriculum Vitae and my game plan.

If you agree to my terms and philosophy, and feel that I can be a service to you, send me an e-mail and will will go from there.


Services Provided

Please be aware that I do not carry Malpractice Insurance. If this is a concern for you, please do not request my services.

Also, I am not vaccinated against COVID. However, I have had the virus and I had very good results treating myself.

If I care for you, you will receive my personal cell number in case there is any need for further guidance.

I am only licensed to practice Medicine in the State of Oregon, so I am unable to treat patients located out of State.

my fees


$100 for minor surgical procedures

I will also accept a discounted payment in silver

1 or 2 ounces


Medical Diagnosis

I am Trained and Board Certified in Internal Medicine, with 35 years of experience in multiple facilities. In addition to Medical Diagnosing, I can offer you a second opinion. If you are unsure where you will be best served, I can direct you. With 30 years of Emergency Room experience, I can advise you if the ER is your best option. I am also very knowledgeable of advising what tests you need (or don’t need) and I can offer suggestions for huge cost savings for imaging and lab work.


Routine Checkup

Physical Exam
Sports Physical
Guidance through the Medical  System
Travel consultations


Medication Prescription Service

Run out of medications and can't get to see you Physician?
I can write prescriptions to hold you over.
I do not accept Medicare, so I am one of the few Physicians who can  ( and will ) charge you for my services. As a result, I will be available if you need to be seen.



Suturing of Lacerations

Ear canal cleaning

Abscess /cyst removal

Mole removal


Dental pain relief



Having studied COVID throughout the epidemic, as well as recently having had it, I feel I have developed a very effective treatment protocol, one which is not available through the organized Medical System. I would suggest taking zinc and vitamin D as a prophylactic defense. Please only take the recommended doses as these substances are toxic at excess doses. If you think you have COVID, get tested (the public health department has this capability) and contact me  (or another Physician) as soon as possible. Do not accept “no treatment at this time” as an adequate evaluation.


Not sure if I can help?

Not sure if I can help? Contact me and I’ll give you an honest answer.



If you have a real emergency, do not waste time contacting me but go straight to the hospital.
That being said, people often underestimate what I can handle.

Contact me and I will advise you. If I refer you to the ER there will be no charge.



My availability will be somewhat erratic, as I occasionally travel and have no backup.

However, when I am in town, I will pretty much be available 24/7.

Weekends are no different than weekdays for me.

I will post on my website when I plan on being out of town, otherwise text me and I'll tell you my availability..



Health care is expensive. Much more expensive than it needs to be.

Most of the patients I deal with have no insurance or high deductibles. This is the group that has the most to gain by being knowledgable of cost savings.

At the bottom of my site are some tips. I will be expanding this section in the future, and I welcome any cost saving suggestions.

IMG_1581 (2).PNG

House Calls

House Calls are really what this is all about. I much prefer to physically assess you than to work over the phone. I am willing to serve a reasonable area, but I may charge for excessive driving.

When I am in town I am available 24/7, don't be shy about bothering me.

   I am able to provide a fair amount of services in your home, including

   -Nebulizer treatments

   -Intravenous hydration and therapy

        including some IV antibiotics

   -Emergency medications to hold you over until you can access a pharmacy